Saint John Nepomuk Chapel
Est. 1854

Our Saints

Our chapel is known for out statues of saints.  We honor the many important saints of Czech heritage with statues throughout the chapel and on the altar.  In addition to the Holy Infant of Prague discussed elsewhere on this site, all of our saints have interesting stories and are great examples of the life of virtue that we're called to live.  Please click on each saint's name for more information.
Saint Feast Day Location

Saint John Neumann January 5 East Wall

Saint Milada February 8 Pillar

Saint Cyril February 14 Pillar

Saint Methodius February 14 Pillar

Saint Agnes (Anizka) March 2 Pillar

Saint Clement (Dworak Hofbauer) March 15 East Wall

Saint John Sarkander March 17 Choir Loft

Saint Joseph March 19 Joseph's Altar

Saint Bernadette April 16 Lourdes Grotto

Saint Albert (Vojtech) April 23 Pillar

Saint Mark April 25 Ambo


Saint Zdislava May 30 North Wall

Saint Norbert June 6 Mary's Altar

Saint Vitus (Vit) June 15 Mary's Altar

John the Baptist June 24 (birth) Baptismal Font

August 29 (death)

Saint Anthony June 13 Lobby

Saint Anne July 26 Mary's Altar

Saint Prokopius July 4 Joseph's Altar

KING LOUIS IX (Ludvig) August 25 Pillar

Saint Ludmilla September 16 Pillar

Saint Wenceslas (Vaclav) September 28 Pillar

Saint Michael September 29 Pillar

Saint Matthew September 21 Ambo

Saint Vincent dePaul September 27 Lobby

Saint Therese (The Little Flower) October 1 Lobby

Saint Luke October 18 Ambo

Saint Elizabeth November 17 Pillar

Saint Nicholas (Mikalus) December 6 Joseph's Altar

Saint John December 27 Ambo


Risen Jesus Main Altar

Blessed Virgin Mary Main Altar

Blessed Virgin Mary Mary's Altar

Blessed Virgin Mary Lourdes Grotto

Jesus Crucified Main Altar

The Pieta South Wall